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According to Hindus, the Brahmraksha is a very powerful and learned ghostly entity. Their power is such that at times they have even challenged GODs for supremacy. 

These powerful spirits are said to be of extremely learned and spiritually advance persons like yogis, Tantriks, sadhus and tapasvis (mainly Brahmins class in Hindus) whose egos inflated to such an extent that, under the illusion of MAYA committed huge crimes and sin against Humanity.

In order to punish them and teach them a lesson, they are re-born as Brahmrakshas, live for thousands of years and slowly advance towards final salvation.

Unable to attain salvation, Brahmarakṣhasa remain highly learned, but because of their demonic nature, tend to eat humans. The more they eat, hungrier they get.

In the rarest of rare case, they possess Humans, but if possessed, it becomes extremely difficult to remove them. If someone pleads or they themselves decide to leave the possessed body, can free the person. However there are rare spiritually advance persons or souls that can help.  

Brahma Rakshasas inhabit a surrounding that is familiar to them on the earth. Usually Brahmrakshas find a tree (Peepal tree / Ficus religiosa or sacred fig being their favorite) or outskirts of some temple or religious place to reside.

They always move about carrying a great degree of anguish, disappointment and wrath often expressing them towards the people crossing their way. They place hurdles to hinder good activities and cannot tolerate people growing greater in any realm of life. They may get involve in toxic drinks and fulfilling their lustful desires. They may even trouble people and make masses worship them.

 They may perform great penance or rigorous spiritual practice to advance spiritually. They are such spiritually advance that they may grant boon to someone if someone humbly pleases them.   

In many stories they have shown mercy on women, children or any humble person by helping them from worldly worries or granted some boon.  

There are numerous reasons for Brahmins to be reborn as fierce Brahmrakshas.

Well let us understand clearly that, according to LAWS of KARMA, a soul takes birth in Brahmin linage due to its good Karma. The birth in Brahmin kula (Linage) does not happen by chance.

The purpose of a Brahmin life should be to gain knowledge, give it to the society / students and live a life to serve GOD. On being taken birth in a Brahmin lineage, a soul gets a chance to serve GOD in many ways and grows spiritually.

But if the Brahmin does not perform his / her required works and does not keep the highest purified life, he is punished. Punished by the nature, to take birth in a form of soul where he may get unending years lonely of life.  

Many Brahmins devote their lives in studying Vedas and Shastras but fail to perform Nityakarma and do not perform Karmakaands. They may go to various temples but this does not help much. Lack in performing them their sacred duties is punishable.   

Brahmin duties have to be followed extremely honestly. There are Brahmins who are well educated, know all Karma Kaands but do not perform as they are not getting huge dakshina as expected (Money for performing a religious task for someone). 
There are many Brahmins who know well, perform well but lack achaara (self discipline). When a Brahmin receives Dakshina (Money) for the Karmkanda (Vedic/ religious rituals for someone), he should maintain strict regime.  Mental and physical purity, continence in food, self discipline in sex etc …..   
The other category of Brahmins who are learned but performs various sins and do not perform atonements for his sins in lifetime, or if someone born as a Brahmin and lives a life against…..

The Brahmin, who has high post and wealth due to previous karmas, still own a slaughter house, sell meat and do not protect cow, mould religion to fulfill his greed, lust and power. Earn money from forbidden tasks and consumes forbidden food.

Brahmins who taunts GODS (TRADUCE) and religion,
 be bad mouth about religious ceremonies,
 make fun of religion and teach people anti religious text or
 philosophy surely do crime and misuse their higher birth 
and knowledge. These acts are punishable.  

When any  yogis, Tantriks, sadhus, tapasvis or any spiritually advance person misuses his power and cause common life to face distress, out of inflated ego creates huge crimes against society and other lives on any living planet, they accumulates huge amount of sin.  

Such souls when they leave body are denied entry in pitruloka. As results they form group with like souls, or stay alone and wanders on this earth as Brhmaraksha.

Vedas mention that in their vanvaas period (Wandering alone as punishment) these souls do remember their last birth and knowledge is also retained.  The greed and lust remains with them.

It is said in religious text, these souls are not reborn again. Whatever time they take, maybe even thousands of years, finally all Brahmraksas understand their mistakes, perform severe penance, grow spiritually to very high levels and attain salvation. These powerful and highly learned souls sooner or later attain salvation.

Adesh Adesh

Guru Gorakshnath ji ko adesh …………