Thursday, 31 August 2017

Who is a GURU?

A Guru is different from a teacher, Preacher or a religious story teller/ singer. Every Guru is a Saint but every Saint cannot be a Guru.
We refer Guru who helps in spiritual advancement He is a beacon of spiritual light in our world, and teaches us the universal spiritual principles that underlie all religions and cultures. He is a guide to spiritual journey. The person who is “Advanced” in the field of spirituality is known as a “GURU”

A Guru stands by us throughout life and slowly lifts us from our worldly life into spiritual way of life.

Slowly, as per ones capacity and spiritual level, he guides continuously developing skills such as dedication, compassion, love, tenacity, perseverance, sacrifice etc. He will slowly make you understand the importance of to be free from Desires, attachments and passions in our lives. This is done as these skills are necessary for a seeker (shishya) to start his / her journey towards GOD. These skills are basic for spiritual growth and Guru stresses on these skills.

 A saint may create interest among people to follow a spiritual life but a Guru guides a seeker to grow spiritually. Both saint and a guru are spiritually advanced to great level.

A guru, with his higher spiritual powers, graced by GOD, lifts the deserving students. Even a guru is required to follow his spiritual practice to ensure constant flow of GOD’s grace.  

In this journey of spiritual advancement of our soul, it is very important to distinguish a fake Guru with a real one. There are simple ways to do this. A fake Guru may have all the under symptoms or some of them.

1.   A person who desires Fame.
Desire of anything is against spiritual advancement. Desire pulls soul down whereas spiritual practice breaks off all bonds.

2.   Attachment for Women, Wealth, Luxury etc.
Attachment for Women, Wealth and luxury leads to crime. Desire for sensual pleasures is worldly and a true guru will not indulge in this. These attachments take the soul far from spiritual advancements. Soul is never satisfied with one woman and demands many more. Attachment will lead to have sensual pleasures from very young girls and the guru will seek this pleasure only. Similar one is never satisfied with wealth. He may acquire any means to accumulate more.

3.   A person who tries to show off that he is great.
This person feed on emotions and tries to show off. They may seed a feeling of inferiority complex in heart just to accumulate followers. Their aim is to have as many followers as possible so they can boast about it.

4.   Make his students dependent upon him.
Many gurus never give full knowledge to student in spite of taking 100% from the student. They always fear that his student may not rise to his level. The Guru will always teach with a positive attitude.

5.   A person with very less spiritual level.   
Many people are just a good singer or story tellers. They sing in praise of GOD for earning or narrate God stories for the same reason. People get attracted towards them and start following them. But these singers or storytellers may not be spiritually advanced or may not be doing any spiritual practice. They are bound to outburst their animal desires and instincts when they get wealth and power.

What should be done?
We should not go out looking for a guru. One should stay at home, indulging in normal house hold routine and should do spiritual practice as per his / her religion. Slowly one should shed his desires and indulge more in spiritual practice.

 The universal laws being, not to hurt any living being, walk with nature, protects natural resources, and helps the needy along with continuous spiritual practice.  

Slowly the soul will advance spiritually and when nature will feel that this soul is now ready, a Guru will come in his / her life earlier in a shape of incident, a person or maybe anything. On more advancement a guru will walk in life and the further journey starts.

Before that there are some more hurdles those one must overcome. Nature tests a soul on every step. On overcoming those tests, one advances further.   

Why we need a GURU
After a certain level, the spiritual knowledge/ path become very fine. To distinguish between positive and negative forces becomes very difficult. Many negative powers use the seeker for their own good. A seeker is easily misguides as he gets most of the information’s through dreams and sixth sense. Negative powers misguide seeker through dreams and sixth sense as they can easily attack on both. At these stages one needs a highly advanced spiritual Guru, who can guide the correct path.  

Adesh Adesh
Guru Gorakshnath ji ko Adesh