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Skanda - Master of Spiritulism

Skandha, a true spiritual entity was born as an elder son to Aadi Shiva and Aadi Shakti. Son of Shiva is described as a very strong, handsome, tall, wise, benevolent war GOD and the chief of the army of GODs.

 He is known to be the most masculine and fierce among Hindu gods. Known for his valor and as the protector of dharma, Skandha has slained several demons like Tarkasura, Krauncha, Banasura and Pralamba.

He is also always youthful, which gives him the name Kumara (Sanskrit for youth).

His other names:-

Skandha, Murgan, Kartikey, Subramanya, Kurana, Kumar, Velan, Swaminatha, Shanmuga, Arumugam, Dandapani, Guhan, Kâtkâ Dīyāʊ' (In Meghalaya), Agnubhuh.

Birth –
According to legends, once a great and powerful demon king Tarka troubled all celestial beings. He was so powerful that no one dared to oppose him. He had a boon that only son of Shiva could kill him.

Sati, Shiva’s first consort had died and Shiva was in deep meditation. Finally Sati was reborn as Parvati and Shiva accepted her as his wife.

It was due to the curse of Devi Rati; Devi Parvati was unable to give birth from her womb. So Aadi Deva Shiva and Aadi Shakti Parvati sat on a meditation and combined their energies.

 A huge and bright ball of fire emerged. It shined like millions of sun shining together. All three worlds were amazed and also felt the unbearable heat of the energies of Shiva and Parvati.

Fearing that the heat would destroy all worlds, God Agni engulfed it. But the energy was so powerful that Agni could not bear it.

 He handed the fire ball to Goddess Ganga. 

Goddess Ganga also felt the unbearable heat and handed the fire ball to Goddess Earth.

 The energy was so great that mother earth also could not bear it. It was then the six krittkas came to rescue. 

  (Celestial beings –Nakshtras - symbolizing Pleiades)

[ The star cluster Kttikā (Sanskrit: कृत्तिका, pronounced [kr̩t̪t̪ikɑː], popularly transliterated "Krittika") sometimes known as Kārtikā, corresponds to the open star cluster called Pleiades in western astronomy, it is one of the clusters which makes up the constellation Taurus. In Indian astronomy and Jyotia (Hindu astrology) the name literally translates to "the cutters” In Hindu astrology, Kttikā is the third of the 27 nakatras. It is ruled by Kartikeya ]...

These heavenly bodies took the energy ball and placed it inside the body of Devi Parvati. 

The energy ball was transformed to a baby boy inside her.  The baby came out of her right side of her body. 

The baby boy born was wonderful, having the might, beauty, grace and power of Shiva and Parvati, illuminated the three worlds.

Along with Parvati; Ganga, Mother Earth and Kritikas were also his mother.

It is said that Skandha or Kartikey was a cosmic Avatar with six head and twelve arms. 
Now let us understand what this symbolizes.

His twelve arms represent twelve Zodiac Signs

His six heads

Six Chakras in Body which regulates

Muladhar –Anus Chakra
Swashidhan Chakra – Penis Chakra
Manipura Chakra – Stomach Chakra
Anahant Chakra – Heart Chakra
Vishuddha Chakra – Throat Chakra
Ajna Chakra – Knowledge Chakra

The Six Sense Organs or Faculties

1.     Eye
2.     Ear
3.     Nose
4.     Tongue
5.     Body
6.     Mind

The Six Corresponding Objects

1.     Visible form
2.     Sound
3.     Odor
4.     Taste
5.     Tangible things
6.     Thoughts and ideas

Skandha is God's Son, the Son of Śiva and Śakti, God and Goddess, and He represents the highest state to which a spiritual aspirant can evolve. 


Legends say that kartikey, proud of his power and beauty started chasing heavenly maidens and even had some affairs with them. On this mother Parvati got worried and she transformed her image on every female of universe. When kartekey saw the image of mother Parvati on every female, he got ashamed and pledged never to marry.

Many stories say that he was married to two beautiful maidens – Devasena (Heavenly Army) and valli (Nature)

Devasena – Literally meaning “army of GOD’s”. Commander in chief of the army is called Senapati in Sanskrit. Hence kartikeya is the Dev sena pati (Commander in chief of GOD’s army)
It is just symbolizations that he is the master of the great army of GOD
Valli is a creeper, growing in jungle. Again closely related to nature. He is the protector of nature hence master of Valli
So he has two wives – Devasena and valli (Army of God’s and nature)

 Actually Kartikeye was not married.  


Shree Brahma ji was his first teacher. Once Skandha asked the meaning of “OM”, his teacher described “OM” on twelve thousand verses.
Unsatisfied with the answer, he went to his father Aadi Shiva who described “OM” in twelve lakh (Twelve million) verses. Later Skandha described “OM” in twelve crore verses.

Shiva himself gave him skill of weapons, art of war and fighting. Aadi shakti Parvati gave him her shakti in a form of Spear, his first weapon.

His army not only consisted of heavenly warriors but also ganas, Pichhash, Bhairavs, Bhairavies, Daakini, Shakini ,Vaital (Vampires), and many very fierce powers of universe.

With this his army consists of the fiercest army of the universe warriors. Demon Tarka and his army could not stand against Skanda and was killed in war.

Aadi Shiva and Aadi Shakti, proud of their son, sent him to earth from heaven for the welfare of humans and protection of mother Earth.

Kartekey is the king of the universe and moves through his domain as a young boy astride a peacock, or simply as a peacock.

 Skandha’s sacred animals include not only the peacock but also the snake and the cock or rooster.

 The snake denotes that the essence of Kartekey / Skandha is pure energy (energy moves as a serpent spiral) and the cock denotes his affiliation as a solar deity. 

Kartikey, Skandha or Murugan are names for the cosmic energy that created the universe out of itself, as well as the savior who, like the cock, heralds the end of humanity’s darkness.

Skanda is worshipped almost all around the world in different names

§  Murugan/Skanda/Sanat Kumara of the Hindus
§  Al-Khadir, the “Green Man,” of the Moslems
§  King Melchizedek of the Jews
§  St. George of the Knights Templar
§  Enki of the Sumerians
§  Dionysus of the Greeks
§  Osiris of the Egyptians
§  Quetzlcoatl of the Mexicans
§  Masaw of the Hopi Indians
§  Tawsi Melek of Yezidis
§  The Planetary Logos of Theosophy

According to the Puranas, the ancient legends of Hindus, the Kumara was the first to teach humanity the path to enlightenment.

Adesh Adesh Alakh Niranjan……..