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In ancient Kalpa known as Radhantra Kalpa, a Brahmin known as Kasyapa and his wife Sandhya performed a great penance to please Aadi Shiva. Shiva, pleased with the penance, appeared before him and asked the Brahmin for a boon. Kasyapa pleaded Shiva to be born as his son. Shiva assured and said, “On Svetavaraha Kalpa, you will be born as Vanara Kesri and I will be your son, named Hanuman.” 

Now as we all know that Shree Hari Vishnu, appeared from the left part of Aadi Shiva, 
and he took Mohini Avatar. Mohini appeared several times as per conditions.  

Mohini is an enchantress, who maddens lovers, sometimes leading them to their doom. It is said that Mohini avatar of Shree Hari Vishnu was very enchanting. 
{Many different legends tell of her various exploits and marriages, including union with Shiva. These tales relate, among other things, the birth of the god Shasta and the destruction of Bhasmasura,

      Bhsmasura with Mohini 

 the ash-demon. Mohini's main modus operandi is to trick or beguile those she encounters. She is worshipped throughout Indian culture, but mainly in Western India, where temples are devoted to her depicted as Mahalasa, the consort of Khandoba, a regional avatar of Shiva. It was this Mohini who fooled Asuras and gave Amrit (Nectar) to Devas}

Shiva asked Shree Hari Vishnu to show him this avatar. As Shiva had burned Kaamdeva (Cupid) into ashes, Shree Hari Vishnu was afraid and sought the help of Aadishakti Tripura Sundri (One manifestation of Parvati). Mahadevi assured to help and formed the half part of Mohini’s body with Shree Hari Vishnu. 
Aadi Shiva was roaming in jungle, it was then this Mohini (Half part Shree Hari Vishnu and half Mahadevi Tripura Sundri) appeared in front of HIM.

Shiva suddenly saw a very beautiful woman playing with ball in that forest. The forest was full of flowering plants, green grass, lovely stream and enchanting atmosphere. As the women bounced the ball her breast trembled, her waist appeared so slim as if it will break with every step, her feet were soft, reddish, her beautiful legs seemed stout and beautiful  and her face was full of divine beauty with pretty eyes, she had long black curly hair scattered all over her face.  She appeared more beautiful playing with ball. Shiva looked at the women, as she also looked towards Shiva and smiled bashfully. Shiva gazed at her beautiful body and she also looked him with restless eyes. Suddenly wind blew, making that beautiful Mohini partially naked, Shiva got lustfully attracted towards her, hold her hand and embraced her.

   Shiva enchanted by Mohini

During these acts, Shiva lost control and his seminal fluid discharged.  A group of Saptrishis happened to pass through that forest, took those seamen on leaf and carried it along with them.  Shiva lived with Mohini for a long period and mohini gave birth to Shiva children.

Meanwhile the kalpa changed, and Svetwaraha kalpa arrived. The Brhamin Kasyapa’s wife Sandhya took rebirth as a celestial nymph Punjikasthala and served Deva Guru Brhispati.
It was almost two million years back when Tretayuga of Svetawaraha Kalpa was present. Demon Ravana became very powerful due to the siddhis he had and boons from Aadi Shiva. The background for Hanuman birth was taking place.

 Once a clestial lymph Punjikashtala was going to Brhama's abode through sky, Demon king Ravana spotted her and was enchanted with her beauty. He forcibly raped her.

 [ Ravana Narrates to Mahaparsva - O, Mahaparsva! Know a little secret about me. I shall tell you an incident, which occurred to me long ago.”
Once I saw a celestial nymph, Punjikasthala (by name) flashing like a flame, concealing herself in the sky and proceeding towards the abode of Brahma.”
She was made unclothed by me and was enjoyed forcibly. Thereafter, appearing like a crumpled lotus, she went to the abode of Brahma.”
I think that the matter was made known to the high soled Brahama and then the enraged Brahma spoke to me the following words
From today onwards, if you revel with any other woman forcibly, your head then undoubtedly will break asunder into a hundred pieces.”]

Punjikasthala – angry with that incident, once saw Angira Rishi while she was in Indra’s court. She narrated her story to Rishi Angira and pleaded for help. Rishi Angira said – O Beautiful Apsara, you will be born in mortal Earth in a Great Vanara Clan as Anjana.  You will Marry Vanara King Kesri and will give birth to Shiva Avatar Hanuman. This Hanuman, along with king RAMA will destroy Ravana kingdom finally killing him. In this way you will avenge the Ravana’s misdeed towards you. After giving birth to Hanuman, you will immediately leave earth and regain your true form and witness destruction of Demon king Ravana with his clan and kingdom.

The terror of Demon king Ravana was on rise and Shree Hari Vishnu decided to incarnate on Earth to protect the universe from terror of Ravana. But long before that Brhama ji decided to make an army to help Hari Vishnu.
Kesri son of Brhispati and Anjana (Punjikasthala) Daughter of Monkey Chief Kunjara got married. Anjana was very beautiful. Her beauty was unparallel in three worlds. { thickset, roundish thighs, and even the paired off plumpish breasts, beautiful face which is well proportioned in its build... whose pelvic-girdle is fat and ample and who is slender-waisted, and who by all her limbs is pristine}

  Shiva instructing Vayu Deva and Agni Deva before Hanuman Birth
By the order of Aadi Shiva, Vayu Deva (Air GOD) took the Shiva Seamen from Saptrishis and carried it with him. Anjana was strolling on mountain peak when Vayu Deva spotted her. She was waering nice silken dress. Vayu Deva slowly lifted up that broad – eyed lady’s auspicious and orchry silk apparel with red roaches… But she that conscientious lady perplexedly said “who wishes to despoil my wow of one man wife…”
On listening this, the Vayu Deva (Air GOD) replied, I do not want to dishonor you, , hence let there be no fear in your heart, I am all prevailing Vayu Deva, I impregnate you in a supersensory manner. Let the male seed of great Shiva rest in your womb and you will give birth to the bravest, beautiful and intelligent son in time to come. Go and perform penance with your husband Kesri. Penance will make you body and soul to fruit this seed.   
Anjana and Kesri performed great penance and worshipped Shiva.
In far of Land of Ayodhya, King Dashratha was performing a Yagya for fulfilling the desire of having son. Agni GOD (Fire God) appeared and presented three bowls of pudding to the king and told to give one to each queen and after consuming it they will bear a son. On instructions of Vayu deva a kite snatched one bowl and flew in sky. Vayu Deva ensured its safety. 

The kite dropped the bowl in jungle where Anjana was performing her penance. Vayu Deva slowly placed the bowl on her hands and whispered in her ears to consume it. She ate it. The pudding of agni Deva, the power of Vayu Deva and her own severe penance created the environment for the male power of Shiva to grow. In this way Anjana conceived a child.
In proper time Anjana gave birth to a beautiful male child. 

As soon as child took birth, she regained her original form and became Punjikasthala again. She remembered everything, gave a look to the new born baby and got ready to leave him. Kesri pleaded her to stop as he was worried for new born. Then Vayu Deva assured Kesri that He will look after the child and Apsara Punjikasthala flew towards her abode to serve Deva Guru Brehspati.

The child born was very beautiful, with reddish complexion. As he grew, Sun God became his Guru (Mentor). He was named Hanuman after the name of the city of Hanumpur over which his Guru Surya (Sun GOD) ruled.
Hanuman’s body was hard as rock. It was so hard that even Indra’s Vajra could not pierce it. So one name of Hanuman is also Vajra-Anga (Bajranga)
This is how one of the greatest Hero of Svetavaraha Kalpa born. Now let us know more about Hanumana

1.      He was named Hanumana after the name of the city of Hanumpur over which his Guru Ruled.
2.     He was named Vajra-Anga (Bajaranga) because his body was hard as rock.
3.     He was named Mahavir (Mighty Hero) because of the near to impossible deeds he performed.
4.     He is also called Balibimba and Maruti.
5.     He is one of the seven Chrinjeevis. He will live throughout the Kalpa.
6.     He is the only scholar who has mastered nine Vyakaranas.
7.     He is the master of eight siddhis, Nine Nidhis
8.      He is the wisest of the wise, strongest of the strong and bravest of the brave.
9.     He has the beauty of Shiva, Powers and will power of Shiva (Rudra)
10.  He can assume any shape, increase his body to any hight or shrink it to the length of a nail. He has extraordinary war skills. 
11.    He is as fast as the son of Kashyapa Prajapati and Lady Vinata GARUDA. His arma are as strong as the wings of Garuda.
12.  He is one of the rare powers who can travel to neither land (Patal Loka) without fear (Others are Shiva, Godess Kalika, Bhairav, Virbhadra etc.)
13.  He who meditates on him and repeates his name attains power, glory, prosperity and success in life.
14.  He is worshipped in folks as a deity with magical powers and the ability to conquer evil spirits.
15. Siddhas, Rishis, Sadhus lovingly call HIM ANJANEYE (Son of Anjana)
16. He is the master of Jyotisha Shashtra. Also known as guru. He learned Jyotisha from his Guru Surya. 
17. A living idol who practice Brhamcharya (Celibacy). 

Shankar Son Hanuman 
Birth place
Multiple places in India are claimed as the birthplace of Hanuman.
·         According to one theory, Hanuman was born on 'Anjaneya Hill', in HampiKarnataka. This is located near the Risyamukha mountain on the banks of the Pampa, where Sugreeva and Rama are said to have met in Valmiki Ramayana's Kishkinda Kanda. There is a temple that marks the spot. Kishkinda itself is identified with the modern Anegundi taluk (near Hampi) in Bellary district of Karnataka.
·         Anjan, a small village about 18 km away from Gumla, houses "Anjan Dham", which is said to be the birthplace of Hanuman. The name of the village is derived from the name of the goddess Anjani, the mother of Hanuman. Aanjani Gufa (cave), 4 km from the village, is believed to be the place where Anjani once lived. Many objects of archaeological importance obtained from this site are now held at the Patna Museum.
·         The Anjaneri (or Anjneri) mountain, located 7 km from Trimbakeshwar in the Nasik district, is also claimed as the birthplace of Hanuman
·         According to Anjan Dham, Hanuman was born on Lakshka Hill near Sujangarh in Churu districtRajasthan.

He is one of the most loved GOD by the folks. People have great faith on him.


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