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Hindus and the four Yuga

Hindus and the four Yuga

According to Hindu ancient text, existence of intelligent Humans on Planet earth was much before 17, 28,000 years ago.

Ancient book of Hindus divide the time period in four parts, Satyauga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and the Kaliyuga. The end of every yuga and the start of other yuga marks a buffer period of 600 years, as this is the period when one yuga ends and other starts.  

It does not mean that before Satyayuga there was nothing. The buffer period of 600 years is always between the end of one yuga and the start of other yuga.

It must be noted that Satya yuga lasts for 17, 28,000 years, followed by Treta Yuga which has a duration of 12, 96,000 years. Then the Dwapar yuga starts which lasts for 8, 64,000 years. The last one is Kali yuga which has a duration of         4, 32,000 years.

Let us understand one Manvantra

One Manvantra       =  Seventy One Mahayuga
One Mahayuga       =  38,88,000/- Earth Years  
 01 MAHAYUGA is divided into  
Satya yuga, treta yuga, 
Dwapar Yuga and Kali yuga 
     Dharma Pillars
Vishnu  Avatars
Sat yuga

Sat yuga
17,28,000 years

 04 Pillars 

04 Avatars






12,96,000 years

03 Pillars

03 Avatars




8,64,000 years 02 Pillars

02 Avatars



4,32,000 years
01 Pillar

01 Avatar


The end of every Yuga experiences mass killings and huge destruction. But life does not end and starts again.
 End of Mahayuga experience even larger destruction. Land masses get shifted and nature plays important role in destruction. Heavy floods, volcano’s, earthquake changes the face of earth.  Civilizations vanish and very few lives are saved.
 End of every Manvantra experiences of total destruction. Earth, Sun everything. Life vanishes completely only to be started again.

Satya Yuga
Varna = Brahman

Positive and negative attitude merges and become one (Here quality of life is best; all activities of life are eternal and interlinked.  This forced Brahmins to be honest. To have this Varna, ideal conditions were required hence satyuga was the only time for it)

Four pillars of Dharma – Truth, Penance, Yagya and Charity are present in Satya Yuga.

In this yuga, the average life span of humans was approximately 1, 00,000 years and average height about 32 feet. People were beautiful and healthy physically. People cared for every living being and would do anything to protect the weaker life. Every life form was safe and free. Everyone was equal. Earth provided every need. People were divine and one with GOD. They used to travel in Sky, earth and water equally. 

The Brahmin (Priest Class) was truly engaged in religious activities, study, teaching, charity and pious life.

The kshatriyas (Warrior Class) were brave and religious. They kept their word and protected not only their subjects but Cows and fields. They were humble and followed dharma.

The Vaishya (trader Class) was engaged in trade with honesty. They were religious and chanted hymns in praise of GOD    

Shudras (Worker Class) sincerely served the others

Total period of Satya Yuga experienced this type of society and spent time in peace. 

No one suffered or fall ill. People meditated for years and get fulfilled their desires from nature.
Self sacrifice and truth was in every heart.

Treta Yuga
Varna = Kshatriya

Positive and Negative attitudes are separate. One pillar of dharma vanishes and only three remains. (Penance, Yagya and Charity)

In this era the average life span of Humans was 10,000 years and height of 21 feet. People were again beautiful and healthy. In this period people focused on yagya as religious activities.  All people showed great care for all other people and were active.

Brahmin class was again pious. The main religion being truth, (truthful speech, good conduct and pure love for all living beings). They performed yagya, did self study donated and preached truth.

Kshatriyas were valiant, thinkers, pious, truthful, protectors of the nature and people. They protected the agriculture fields, and their people.

Vaishyas looked after trade, were truthful and donated. They also protected agriculture and trade.

Shudras served the other three classes. Every one performed their duties, and lived happily. They had blessings of GOD. 

Dwapar Yuga
Varna = Vaishya

Only positive attitude remains, there is no negative attitude.

Here the average life span still reduced to approximately 1000 years.  One more pillar of Dharma vanishes and only two remains (Penance and Charity). The average height of Humans 10 feet. (Shree Krishna was 16 feet  tall and Shree Balrama had the height of Satyuga)  

Divine knowledge either vanishes completely of only a very few people processes it. People no more remain truthful. But still people are valiant and courageous. Competition and zealously fill the heart.

Kings get inclined to pleasure seeking lifestyle. Material fulfillment of desires forces people to perform yagya.

The result of this change, many diseases start showing their existence. People will perform penance and yagya to get rid of these ailments.

Strong people will make policies and execute them. Scholars and Kings would be involved in many conspiracies for material benefit.

 However Kings will appoint learned scholars as advisers and follow their advice in making and maintaining public law and order. Kings will appoint Priests to perform religious activities, learned and educated people to look after different activities of empire, impotents to take care of women, and cruel men for violent activities. 

Brahmin class is again pious. They perform penance and yagya. They still perform their duties by following religion, control of senses and will attain divine bliss.   

Kshatriya class would succeed in controlling their senses and will be humble.  They would suppress their greed and anger and many will attain bliss. They will be surrounded with learned yogis who will help kings attaining higher bliss.

Vaishya class will rise in morals as they will become more religious. They would be involved in charity and hospitality.

Shudras will be left alone and they will have tough time.

Yuga – Kaliyuga
Varna = Shudra

Both Attitudes are absent in kaliyuga. (Maximum freedom and least quality of life. All activities are very short term, temporary and independent of each other. This maximum flexibility makes Kaliyuga ideal Varna for chaotic conditions )

There is no average life duration in the age of Kaliyuga. Even child can die in womb or may die before his parents. But still the average life span was 100 years in the beginning of Kaliyuga which will reduce to 16 – 20 years towards the end of this era. The average height will reduce to 5 feet. The people will be short and very rarely they will speak truth.

Three pillars of Dharma vanish and only one will remain. This too will reduce towards the end of kaliyuga.

Divinity will cease to exist and people will live in delusion. Generations will become weak physically and will lack the Ooja (radiance). Much kind of medicines and food will come forward. Food will loose fragrance, nutrition and taste. People will enjoy eating prohibited food.  

Much different kind of life forms (insects, germs etc) will take birth. Snakes and other animals will fill all direction of Earth. Crows will increase in comparison to other birds. Fragrance in nature will reduce and much artificial fragrance will come into existence.  

All four vamaashrams will be focused in Grihastashram (Householder). Slowly hypocrisy and falseness will reach to its maximum height.

Kings – People of inferior category shall rule. Sinners, unfaithful and wicked people will reign the Earth.

Brahmin Class –

No Brahmin will be able to earn his food honestly. Brahmin class will renounce self study. They will eat the prohibited food.  They will be forced to perform inferior works for living. They may be engaged in killing. They will do anything to get donations, even threat people. They will twist religion to suit their purpose.  They will sell Vedas. They will lose their powers and will slowly stop performing yagya, self study, penance and charity.    

Kshatriya Class -

Kshatriyas will be engaged in trade and other activities for living. They will be no more valiant and will lack strength and energy. They will lose their glory and will live like common men. They will not do penance or charity.

Vaishya Class – 

This class will also lose its glory and will be engaged in many activities.

Shudra Class –

Shudras will chant Vedic mantras and will be involved in other activities.

Society in Short –

Humans of this era will be bad tempered, untruthful, greedy and jealous.  They will not have any Ooja (radiance).

Cow milk will become rare and most of the people will be traders. 

The personality will be a combination of ego, anger, instincts, pleasure seeking, desires and greed.    

Society will be plagued by problems like lethargy, anger, mental diseases, hunger, thirst, desires.

 Slowly their interests will become abnormal, unhealthy and sick.  They will fall morally to deepest depths.

Householders will be involved in much kind of cheatings to run their family.  

Slowly the time will come when attributes like religion, truth, thoughtfulness, Pity, age, memory shall get drained out and no one will value these.

 People will rightfully deceive their own friends and relatives. No one will respect the teacher. 

Every part of society will work for money only. Justice, Law, and everything will be sold for wealth.

People and societies who are really celibate will give up their chastity and will be engaged in illicit sex. People will be engaged in sex from a very young age.  

People will be unholy and aggressive and impure. Irreligious people will acquire power and become prosperous. They will eye on others wealth.  

Young people will lose energy, and become alike old. Older people will be energetic and youthful. Young people will lose hair in very early age and their hair will turn white. 

Women in Kaliyuga –

Women in this era will be immoral and will lack self restrain especially in matter of sex.

 They will be short in height. Many women will be engaged in prostitution or similar activities.  They will roam within many men and the pre material relations or post material relations will become very common.  

Women will be engaged in sex with inferior men, servants and even with animals in spite of having good husbands. Girls as young as 8 – 10 years will be pregnant. 

In the era of kaliyuga, there will be downfall in every aspect of society, men-women, religion and morality.

Kaliyuga –

The kaliyuga will stay in five specific places. It means that these places will have the maximum effect of this era. These places are

a) Liquor and wine
b) In places where prostitutes stay or such activities take place
c)  At places where animal slaughter takes place. Slaughter houses and even houses where animal killing and meat serving take place.
d) At places where gambling is allowed.
e) The last place where kaliyuga will have its effect is Gold.

Hindu puranas say that people who look for higher goals of religion should never go near these five things or places.  It is said that kaliyuga family consists of Lust, anger, greed, ego, jealousy, lies etc. 

What is good about Kaliyuga.

In spite of all demerits, kaliyuga still has some benefits. 

The age has benefits for those who seek salvation.

In the era of Satya Yuga, people practiced penance for thousands of years to fulfill his desires and wishes.

Similarly in Treta Yuga heavy penance and yagya was needed for the same purpose for years. .

 In Dwapar yuga one need indulge in heavy penance, charity vows etc and should have sufficient money to perform expensive yagya to please GODs and would take more than 100 years for the same. 

In Kaliyuga, if one simply prays or sings in praise of GOD with full devotion will get the blessings. 

Any activity done with devotion and faith will fulfill his desires and even lead to complete salvation.  

Finally 10th avatar of Shree Hari Vishnu will come (Kalki) to protect religion and will establish Satya yuga.

The present yuga is the yuga of Kali or iron age. People will suffer due to lack of divinity.  

The best thing about Kaliyuga is that humans can achieve salvation with least efforts. One should stick to the GOD according to ones culture and beliefs and Chant His / Her name or sing in His / Her praise. Chanting name continually (Japa) , singing praises of lord (Kirtan) and seeking religious environment (Satsang)  will reduce the effects of the dark age.

Stay away from Liquor / Wine, Gambling, Killing animals or eating flesh, Buying Gold from unethical earnings and prostitutions or illicit relationships.

Drinking liquor / Wine will lead to mind corruption. Gambling will lead to unethical ways of earning. Killing innocent animals and eating non vegetarian food carries equal sin. If no one will eat, no one will kill. Prostitution or having illicit relations lead to many problems.

 These activities collectively give rise to emotions like – Lust, Anger, Ego, Jealousy, Fear, Greed, Violence and other sin. 

GOD is kind and will help all provided we follow HIS path

…….. Adesh Adesh Alakh Niranjan


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