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Once in brahmloka, Rishi Narada requested Father Brhama to narrate the tale of Tripurasur.

Brhama ji said

After the death of Tarkasur from the hands of Kartikaya, Son of Shiva, 

three son of Tarkasur performed great penance.
The eldest one was named Tarkasha, Middle one was Vidyunmali and the youngest was Kamlaksh.

I, Brhma, became pleased and asked them to tell their wish.

In turn they asked for three invincible forts.

The description of the forts would be

That they will float in space in a specified orbit,
Would be filled with every kind of wealth and splendors,
Would be filled with every kind of enjoyments and worldly pleasures.
Nobody could enter it without permission.
Forts would be protected from every danger, weapon and army. Three forts be like three planets having own gravity and atmosphere.

On their request, I permitted three forts, Gold fort for Tarkaksh, silver for Vidyunmali and iron for Kamlaksh.
 Maya Demon constructed the forts in sky.

(Maya demon was a tribe of demons who acted as architects for all demons, rakshas and negative forces. They themselves were very cruel and strong but expert architects as Vishwakarmas were for GODs. They had created many structures for demons and rakshas and had made many weapons and other devices for their progress. Maya calendar is famous till now) 

The three forts constructed by Mayas were invincible. One was in Bhurvaloka, second on Bhuloka and last on Patal loka. The three forts were collectively named as Tripurasura.  

Maya demons themselves took the responsibility for protecting the forts by the help of their secret Maya knowledge.

I told them that only SHIVA can destroy these forts as he the supreme power and master of all arts.

The three son of Tarkasura started praying Aadi Shiva to please him, followed all rules, and became good king for their subjects. Their people loved them for their ability to rule and felt protected in their forts. They followed Dharma according to Vedas. Heavenly bodies also started praising them.

But they started tormenting GODS and other deities, insulting them and proving better than them. 

Now troubled deities and GODs went to Brhma ji to narrate HIM about their miseries. Brhamaji advised them to see SHIVA.

The great Yogi SHIVA expressed HIS inability to help GODS and Deities as the son of Tarkasura were performing all the duties properly. They were very virtuous and they had not done anything wrong. They were religious and performing their religious duties. Their people were happy and were on the path of justice. But also SHIVA advised GODS to see Shree Vishnu and assured that Shree Hari Vishnu can help them all.

At last all the Deities and GODS went to Shree Vishnu and narrated HIM their trouble. Shree Vishnu promised to help them, created millions of armed spirits, and ordered them to attack three demon brothers.

The might of tripurasura was that much that the spirits were of no match to them. All spirits flee from the battle and returned to Shree Vishnu. At this Shree Vishnu got quite worried. He sent back all the deities and started thinking.

Shree-Hari Vishnu understood that the tripurasura could not be destroyed till they remain religious and virtuous. Till they perform their duties.

Shree-Hari Vishnu then created an illusionary entity from his body.
This entity was bald (No hair on Head), wore dirty clothes and a bag hang hanging on his shoulder.   

The entity bowed to Shree Vishnu and asked about the purpose of his existence and his name.

Shree Vishnu told him that his name would be “Arihan”.

Shree Vishnu instructed him to preach knowledge that is against rituals explained in Vedas. To create a scripture which stress upon the importance of action and present. To preach the importance of getting enjoyments as the life is one. To stress that heaven and hell does not exist anywhere else but on earth itself.  
To create the scripture which stress the importance of action and specifically instructed him to keep the language of that scripture as simple and degenerated as possible.     

Shree Vishnu instructed Arihan to preach this knowledge to Tripurasuras so that they become irreligious.

Shree Vishnu ordered Arihan to make his base in a desert with his disciples.

“You should propagate your philosophy with the arrival of Kaliyuga”, said Shree-Hari Vishnu.

After giving other instructions, Shree Vishnu disappeared.

Arihan started his work. He created four other illusionary entities and instructed them to act as his followers. He named them as, “Rishi”, “Yati”, “Keerya” and “Upadhyay”.  

Soon they entered the three forts, started preaching. In a matter of no time they made innumerous disciples and many of them started preaching like them. 

Many self proclaimed teachers/ philosophers/ Sadhus mushroomed, each having his set of disciples. 

They started preaching and diverting their listeners from religion. 

Soon the three Demon Kings also became their followers.

The result was that the three Demon kings and their subjects become irreligious and got involved in all type of activities. 

The merits decreased and sin increased as years passed. Time came when everyone in Tripurasura became irreligious and their sin increased from the level. 

All were indulged in killing, and all sinful activities. They started consider Arihan and his team as GODS or messenger of GOD and followed them blindly. 

GODS and Deities were pleased on the downfall of Demon brothers and they all went to Aadi SHIVA. 

They requested SHIVA to kill them and end the Sin completely.

As they were talking to SHIVA, Mother Parvati came with Ganesha and Kartikaya and request SHIVA to accompany her. 

SHIVA walked with Mother Parvati and GODS followed them requesting to kill Tripurasura. They kept on requesting but SHIVA was listening to Mother Parvati. Deities and GODS got angry with mother Parvati as she was acting as an obstacle in fulfilling their objective. They expressed their anger.

On this, one of the SHIVA gana, Kumbhodhar, got annoyed and angrily attacked the GODS and DEITIES. All of them got injured and fled from there. They went to Shree Vishnu and asked for help. Shree Vishnu advised them to chant “OM NAMAHA SHIVAY” for one crore times.

The DEITIES followed the instruction and chanted Panchakshari (Five Letter) Mantra one crore times.

Aadi Shiva was pleased and appeared before them. He assured the deities and GODS that their wish will be fulfilled.

SHIVA waited for another thousand years so the Demon kings get filled with sin and their killing would be justified. Soon the fatal day arrived.

Aadi SHIVA summoned HIS Pashupat Astra.(Pashupat Weapon), 
 [As per Brhmaji’s boon no weapon, soul, being  created under the creation of Brhma could have destroyed them ] 

Pashupat weapon destroyed the three forts with one stroke. Destruction started everywhere. Everything started to vanish. It created havoc among the demons.

 On seeing vast destruction and death everywhere, Tripurasuras trembled with fear and prayed SHIVA to have mercy on them. SHIVA assured them that after their death, they would be reborn and will be SHIVA GANA.   
As HIS words completed, Tripurasura was completely destroyed, killing everyone there.

As Maya Demons were outside, they escaped death. Maya demons got very terrified and started praying SHIVA. Pleased by their prayers, SHIVA spared them.

All GODS and DEITIES returned to their respective abodes after duly praying SHIVA.
It was then; Arihan’s work was also completed. He took permission from Shree VISHNU and proceeded towards Desert on Mrityuloka (EARTH). He made his abode in Desert and started wait for Kaliyuga to start his preachings again. 


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